Tips to make your pole advertising immensely effective

Outdoor advertising has becoming an unavoidable feature of urban landscapes. From old-fashioned wall-painted ads, we have moved to stylish and more eye-catching digital hoardings and signboards. Pole advertising has become popular because of three reasons – they grab attention once aligned on multiple poles on the same road, leave a long-lasting impact, and provoke viewers to take some action.

Here we discuss how to maximize the effectiveness and impact of Pole advertising  to get maximum profitability especially in a city like Mumbai.

When you compete for momentary attention of the customer with hundreds of other brand messages, it becomes all the more important to check effectiveness.

Despite reserving the perfect location, it is down to the creative capability of the advertising agency to cut through the clutter and make the advertisement really impressive.

A few tips to stand out distinctly on pole advertising:

Be precise with a punch

Remember, your audience is always moving when it watches your hoarding. Hence, the already short attention span shrinks further.

Hence, your creative team has to be fertile in conceiving ideas.  It is important that the communication has a clear message, which can be understood within three seconds. It is because that much attention time is available when people look at an advertisement while they are moving.

Also, the headline should be short so that a person who is walking, riding on a bicycle, or driving should grasp it quickly. A short message with a clear headline can be easily recalled.

pole advertising

Make sure it resonates the current content

Is there any point in informing people about an event that happened two months before? No, it does not make sense. Instead, it is a wastage of expensive space on the pole advertisement.

The ad must stay relevant to the audience and location and current events. Thus, you keep the pole advertisement impactful and relatable.

A consistent “Call to Action” (CTA)

A pole advertisement is not effective if it does not call users to take some action. For that, you must include a clear, precise, and attractive CTA (Call to Action) phrase in the content.

For example, it could be “Visit our showroom 500 meters away from here” or “Call xxxxxx number now to get the discount offer”.

Thus, whether the viewer looks at the pole advertisement for two seconds or ten seconds, he knows what he is is supposed to do.

Take the ‘digital advantage’

The digital technology opens new avenues and a plethora of features over traditional pole advertising. You can make use of graphics, animation and rotate the information to keep the content fresh.

Use your creativity up to the maximum extent to get benefited from digital flexibility.

Measure its effectiveness

It is not enough to have great pole advertisements. It is equally essential to measure its effectiveness. What impact has it created? You can do it by collecting feedback from several people. Make corrections based on it.

As more people adapt to this medium, you need to keep on expanding the leaning curve. Tweak it till you get the desired results.