Student database provider in Mumbai

India, has the potential of becoming a superpower in education. But, to tap the right candidates who have the potential, you need a validated database.  You need a student database provider in Mumbai like Vivitsa for that. When you think about a valid database of students, Vivitsa is a one-point shop

The Vivitsa Advantage – We are a Student database provider in Mumbai.

The education sector in India has shown remarkable growth in the past few decades. Studies say that it is one of the largest student populations in the world. The growth prospects for this sector are quite promising.

Looking at this fact, India can become a major talent supplier to the whole world. To get the best talent, it is important to grab the best minds and train and nourish them.

Higher education plays a phenomenal role in this. According to educationalists worldwide, Indian high education is not just comparable with other developed countries, but it is far more superior in some specific areas.

Statistically, around sixty percent of the student population is contributed by higher education. Though India has many world-class educational institutes, more such institutes are needed to fulfill the gap between the demand and supply.

student database provider in mumbai

Vivitsa Infomedia is a multifaceted online marketing company located in Mumbai

We bring the whole spectrum of services for its clients including web designing, Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing, PPC, and so on.

Its expertise is not limited to that. Vivitsa also hosts a comprehensive, validated database of students that is highly relevant and useful for various clients mentioned below.

It has a consolidated student database for:

  • MBA training institutes
  • CAT training institutes
  • SAT, GMAT, and GRE training institutes
  • Online institutions looking for students

The biggest challenge in front of wisdom hunters today is to find out the best students. They need to work on the concept of ‘economy of scale’. But the probability of getting the right candidates is quite less. Hence, it does not come out as a cost-effective solution.

But when they use the database provided by Vivitsa, the leading student database provider, they can make productive use of all communication modes such as SMS marketing, Email Marketing, etc.

When they use Vivitsa database for highly effective communication methods like SMS marketing, which has a 98 percent reading rate; they can expect incredible results.

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Student databases are useful

Vivitsa student database offers all vital information about students that can be very much useful for clients.

Some of the vital fields are:

  • Name
  • DOB
  • Email
  • Mobile
  • Gender
  • Address
  • Country
  • State
  • District
  • City/Town
  • SSC Marks
  • 12th Marks
  • Graduation Marks
  • Work experience
  • Percentile

These are indicative fields. The database includes several other fields also which may be relevant and useful for people.

Those who are looking for a source where they can get authentic, reliable, and validated data should use the services offered by Vivitsa. Their experience will be overwhelming.

It is essential to tap the right people when you want great results. Hence, a student’s database plays a critical role when a business wants to generate leads related to the field of education. They can inform appropriate students about their educational products and programs.

A student database provider like Vivitsa become instrumental in filling the gap between the students and educational institutes. They can provide the access to a custom database. Whether it is an MBA institute or Medical college, English training, IIT training, or IAS training institute; it requires access to a legitimate student database.

Benefits of using Student’s Database

When you use a validated database by some reliable student database provider such as Vivitsa, you reap a few unique advantages.

  • Streamlined activity: The student database allows you to set up reminders for various activities and events. Thus, your work becomes more systematic and streamlined. You get all the required information at a click, and at the same you can share with your clients seamlessly. Your productivity touches new peaks.
  • Improved communication: A student database can be used for building an information management system. It makes communication between several stakeholders much easy. The beneficiaries are students, teachers, recruiters, parents, and so on. They can remain connected with each other. Timely sharing of information is possible.
  • Efficient working: When every bit of the information pertaining to the student is present at a single place, it becomes easy to develop systems that use the data in various applications. The entire process can be automated. Thus, you save a lot of human resources and effort. These resources can be utilized in streamlining other activities. In short, a student database can be a great way of increasing efficiency.
  • Reduction of human errors: When the database becomes a source of data, there is no need to enter anything manually. The less is the human intervention, the better is the accuracy. Database reduces the need of entering oodles of data manually.
  • One-access portal: When you use a student database, it is possible to build a comprehensive portal that brings everything at one place. The portal is a multifaceted system that brings multiple functionalities.

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Qualities of a student database provider

When you search for a student database provider, make sure that the provider has an excellent track record of serving the challenging requirements of modern times. It provides valid data useful for institutes and individuals to grab the top talent.

You should get the best data and premium level support. The database should contain contact numbers that stand differently.

A company that is known for providing a genuine database that will help clients in fulfilling their marketing initiatives successfully.

A genuine student database provider has a team of dedicated people. They update the database at regular intervals and ensure that the clients get accurate and valid data.

When companies offer carrier choices to students, or educational institutes bring professional courses, they expect that the best talent acquires the opportunities. A valid student database can become a genuine source of information that clients can rely upon.

A smart user makes use of a student’s database. You enroll the best students in the courses only when you have data that you can trust.