SMS Marketing with student database for MBA Colleges and training institutes

SMS with Database

The education sector in India is flourishing. Studies say that India has the biggest student population in the world (estimated 315 Million). The sector is expected to witness major growth in the future.

Looking at such an overwhelming future; there is a great opportunity for India to become a global talent supplier.

Higher education contributes around 60 percent of the market size. Around 70 million students have enrolled in high education in the past 20 years. To cater to the increasing demand, more educational institutes are emerging around.

Vivtsa is the one-stop student database for MBA Colleges and training institutes

Business administration is one of the top-rated educational streams due to exciting job opportunities and attractive salary structure.

To maintain the sanity and quality of the Business Administration stream, colleges want to enroll the best student in their courses.

For that, MBA colleges and training institutes across India want to use smart ways like bulk SMS.

Vivitsa Infomedia is a versatile online marketing company in Mumbai. It deals with web designing, Search Engine Optimization, Email marketing, PPC, and so on.

Along with all this, it has a rich database of students, which can be extremely helpful for MBA training institutes and colleges for SMS marketing.

It makes the task of getting excellent customs for the cream wisdom hunters.

Take advantage of the new-age technology

Vivitsa Infomedia helps the MBA colleges and institutes to notify students by using smart methods like SMS marketing, instead of using obsolete ones.

When it comes to effectiveness, SMS is the undisputed leader. Due to its incredible reliability and engagement rate and 98 percent reading rate, it is ideal for colleges.

Those who are looking for a source where they can avail information about students get fully satisfied by availing the services of Vivitsa.

Student’s database is of prime importance for generating education-related leads and informing students about educational products.

It is essential to promote education and related service providers so that the gap between students and educational institutes get filled.

To achieve it, access to student database is crucial.

Here comes the role of companies like Vivitsa Infomedia, where you get access to a custom database. The team has expertise in providing custom database to fulfill the needs of MBA colleges and institutes.

MBA colleges use SMS marketing to grab the best talent

Vivitsa has a track record of serving the challenging needs of colleges and institutes to attract the top talents. It is a rapidly growing database provider company in India offering the best quality student database.

It provides premium level and best contact numbers that stand it amongst the fleet of database providers.

When there are several student databases available, why should you prefer Vivitsa? It is because the company is known for providing a genuine database that will help MBA colleges and training institutes in their marketing endeavors.

You get a team of dedicated people who update the database at regular intervals to ensure that their clients have the most accurate information.

When it about getting the best students for MBA colleges, there is no alternative to the student database by Vivitsa!