Bulk SMS Services with Database

To get success in the fiercely competitive market, you have to be well-connected with your customers. And to do that effectively, you need faster and more efficient tools.

Amongst the choices available, bulk SMS is considered the best. Not just because it is easy and convenient, but because of its tremendous success rate.

Statistics prove that 98% of all text messages received in the mailbox are read, and 95% of all text messages are read within three minutes.
Hence, using bulk SMS for customer communication is the success mantra in modern times.

Bulk SMS service enables you to interact with your customers (existing and potential) effectively. It can deliver valuable information and keep them posted about the latest.

Vivitsa Advertising is a leading online marketing company in Mumbai that offers comprehensive online marketing solutions for business.
With 15+ years of rich experience in the niche, it gets the pulse of the market accurately and helps the clients to design the right business strategy by using bulk SMS services effectively.


Excellent online bulk SMS services

Whether you want to send bulk messages to individual customers or groups, Vivitsa Advertising makes it simple by offering an advanced SMS messaging platform. It is one of the best in the class platforms that suit the need of every client.

When your competitors are getting benefits of bulk SMS marketing to generate leads and sales, why should you be a laggard?

Get enrolled with Vivitsa today and build strong relationships with your client base. Send bulk SMS regularly to get customers and maintain brand loyalty.

Things that make Vivitsa special

  • Powerful SMS sending platform to take your business at new heights
  • SMS delivery across all mobile networks in India
  • Uninterrupted service with 99% uptime
  • Instant account activation
  • Affordable price
  • Database security features keep your data safe
  • Dedicated bandwidth for SMS
  • Delivery reports

When you are looking for reliable, speedy, and efficient bulk SMS for your business, Vivtsa is the right choice.

Regardless of what business you are into, it ensures outstanding services to send online bulk SMS at pocket-friendly rates.

Technological excellence is the gamechanger

Vivitsa Advertising is the top-notch bulk SMS provider. It focuses on the development of knowledge-based solutions that can transform the business of the clients.

It is a globally recognized brand for its digital marketing and communication services.

The whole spectrum of clients trusts the company; from fresh startups to established long-running businesses.

Being an experienced bulk SMS provider, it has a good grip over the market dynamics. Hence, Team Vivitsa works closely with the businesses throughout the relationship.

From technology to design, and content to formatting; Vivitsa ensures that proper guidance and handholding is provided to clients.

By creating a personal rapport, Vivitsa understands the requirements better and designs customized bulk message solutions according to the business needs.

How does your business get benefited by bulk SMS?

  • Bulk SMS is a valuable marketing tool that makes the cumbersome work of marketing campaign cost-effective and straightforward.
  • When you reach a broad audience simultaneously, the probability of getting business leads high.
  • Increased business visibility means more traffic to website traffic. It results in better profitability.
  • Bulk messaging service is cost-effective. Hence, you do not have to worry about the bottom line.

When an experienced and seasoned service provider such as Vivitsa assists you in managing bulk SMS, better results are guaranteed.

Using the optimized system to send messages in scheduled time, you can reach potential and existing customers in one go.

Customized packs make it more lucrative

“One size doesn’t fit all”

Vivitsa knows that the needs and aspirations of each client are unique. Hence, the business plan should also be in line with it.

Hence, the marketing team sits with the client and derive a customized bulk SMS plan which fulfills the needs of every individual patient.

Why is Vivitsa Advertising the right choice?

It is because you get a team of professionals there which designs an atomized system to send messages using a robust and dependable platform.

Highly competitive packages and state-of-the-art technical platform make it different from others. Send your requirement details and get bespoke bulk SMS solutions that suit your business needs.

Bulk SMS is an effective mode of communication that helps businesses to connect to widespread audience. It has brought a transformational change in many businesses. Sending business updates and sharing important information becomes a matter of click.

Get a higher lead conversion and establish a better rapport with the customers.