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Vivitsa is an Online Marketing Company in Mumbai. The services include website design, search engine optimization, mobile advertising, email marketing, social media marketing, pay-per-click ads, and comprehensive online marketing solutions for businesses. Started in 2013, it looks relatively new, but as Steve Jobs has said “If you really look closely, most overnight successes took a long time.”

The real story of Vivitsa began 15 years earlier when the founder was just a kid tinkering with computers and surfing the internet in cybercafes. Starting with a career line in technology & customer service, he finally decided to return to what fascinated him most – tap the potential of the Internet. He had the skills & the talent; and what he needed was the beginning. One day a friend recommended a customer in need of web design work. The customer put Rs. 15000 in his hand and said I trust you – and everything changed. He went on to be a pioneer in the field of SEO, developing innovative techniques for “web optimization” back before SEO was even a known term. Over the months, the team in Mumbai grew and filled out with creative, skilled and ambitious individuals, dedicated to marketing through online ads and social media and went on to include all aspects of online marketing & promotions.

But the most important moment of our story was that moment of trust. At Vivitsa, we believe in the power of trust. Our clients trust us with the future of their companies, and we deliver on that faith. Our success lies in our clients’ success and we push the boundaries of online marketing, implementing strategic plans to connect with your most relevant market in Mumbai.

Online Marketing for Success

Your success is the result of our online marketing experience, skill, creativity, self-confidence, commitment and conviction. “What matters is not the idea a man holds, but the depth at which he holds it.”

We make you succeed because we believe we can do it…

Come in and meet with us — our passion and enthusiasm are contagious. We are an online marketing company that is driven for results and our dream  is big. Put your faith in us — and we’re going to change your world!

What is success?