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Since the whole world is ruled under digital technology. Content Marketing through online media is a very relevant way of promoting your brand, product or services. This can be done by blogging and sharing experiences on social media & YouTube and many more ways.

content marketing in mumbai

Interesting content attracts eyeballs and a number of new ways have evolved to make content appealing. Content can include graphics, videos, informative text, humorous and satirical posts, etc. Great content generates more traffic, gets more likes and shares and builds trust in visitors.

Need for Content Marketing

Content Marketing can be used  as a marketing technique to contact potential customers not necessarily with the intention of having them to buy something immediately. The main aspect of content marketing is to create a long term customer relationship. Content marketing is profitable for any type of business. Let us see how-

  • Boosts Brand Awareness – In small businesses creating and increasing brand awareness is done by content marketing. Consistency is the key to long term success. Publishing fresh content at regular frequency means creating many opportunities for a target market. Your brand becomes familiar to them and goodwill is created.
  • Ensure Cohesiveness– Most campaigns involve multi-channel distribution where content is spread out across a variety of media.
  • Patterns Analysis– Content Marketing requires perpetual tinkering and tweaking. Some techniques may work quickly while other may take some more time. By obtaining feedback and analyzing data, you get to know which are the most important things to focus on  and which part needs most of the attention.
  • Higher Visibility in Search Engines – Every new post you add to your blog is another page that Google’s going to index. More pages don’t always correlate with more search traffic, but having more quality pages indexed can grant you more opportunities to rank for search queries.
  • Customer Relationship – Greater brand reputation can help increase size and recognition of your audience, but great content can also increase followers as well as generate strong relationships with readers & customers. Using personal brands of individuals to write and share content could develop a more personal relationship with your company.
  • Increase ROI – Content Marketing only costs time. It’s incredibly cost-effective and even better, it offers compounding returns. Through time your return could be worth 100 times your investment. It is inexpensive, safe, available for anyone in any industry and beneficial in several different areas.


Based in Mumbai, Vivitsa is an online advertising and Content Marketing company which provides services to amateur as well as  well-known business houses.

We are a Mumbai based marketing agency that offers content marketing solutions by analyzing consumer behavior and customizing content design and strategy

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