Bulk SMS Services

Bulk SMS services in Mumbai is widely known to the local public nowadays. The age of digital media has brought together various solutions and answers for both the users and providers and bulk messaging services stands to be one of them. Bulk SMS service is a simple service of sending multiple messages on multiple devices by just one click. It is an interaction between the sender and the multiple receivers on the other end. These senders can be anyone from multinational corporations to internet service providers to online shopping retailers.


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Bulk SMS Services in Mumbai


Today’s fast revolving world needs new service solutions that get a lot done in a little amount of time. Efficiency and convenience are top searched qualities in modern day facilities. Bulk SMS services fit these criteria and offer much more in terms of pricing, assistance, communication and speed.


There are various ways to market just about any product launched by using the social media. This is widely known as digital media communication. But often companies look for a more refined customer base to communicate with. This is where mass communication comes to play and bulk SMS services allow conveying a crisp, to the point message to the targeted number of people very quickly.

Ease of assistance:

Generally the point of using mass communication instead of media communication is to reach a specific set of audience or customers. These are the already registered customer base or the target potential customers. The technique is used to assist in a customized way according to the wishes of the sender.

The assistance of bulk SMS can be used to send to a large number of people or a tiny selected group allowing customization while saving both money and time.

Speed and personalization:

One of the most important reasons why bulk SMS services are still widely needed is because of their rapidity in reaching the customer base. The services are instant and therefore appreciated. Another major quality is the option of editing and managing personalized messages in any way the sender wants.


Bulk SMS sevices are a very cost effective method of sending messages to a group. The technique conveys messages to a number of receivers at the same time keeps the per message cost comparatively lower.


Communication has been an important tool for people to grow right since the inception of mankind. Nowadays it is a requirement that businesses cannot do away with. Many industries, banking corporations, multinational companies use bulk SMS services to communicate with millions of users across the globe to maintain the character of their business and to be in good terms with their customer base.

  • Marketing: Various industries make abundant use of the services to market or advertise out their products. New launches, discounts, sale etc can be communicated to the customer base using bulk SMS services.
  • Awareness: Various sectors use the bulk SMS services frequently not just for marketing but also for spreading awareness for new mandates and policies. These policies may be about the internal working or could be the government brought rules that may be applicable with respect to the company.
  • Security: Recently this technology is used by banks, credit card companies, digital account providers etc. to cut down on credit card or account related frauds and notifying the user whenever there is any suspicious use of an account.
  • Correspondence: Bulk SMS Service helps the user send personalized messages to a few focused individuals when need be. It helps the companies to understand the people around them also they understand the requirement of people and this correspondence can be made two way by providing a method to connect back in the message itself.
  • One time passwords: A lot of use of this service goes into generating one time passwords or OTPs for various situations as per the demand of the sender. Card transactions, digital account opening, number registration, subscriptions are a few examples where hassle-free and safe OTPs are generated to be used by the customers individually.
  • Feedbacks: Bulk SMS service can be used to provide the customers with a feedback facility so that the company developer working on the business relationship development can make modifications, specifications and upgradations according to the user.


  1. Bulk messaging allows several people to read the same message at the same time. Communicating with many people at once is the most important advantage offered.
  2. It restricts spam and allows the sender to custom send the message to selected customers.
  3. Bulk SMS services save a lot of time since one message can be sent to many people in one click.
  4. It is the most non-intrusive way of communication. Calling customers can be a fuss to both the sides while a message can be sent and checked by the other whenever convenient.
  5. Bulk SMS services are the best way for targeted publicity of your product. Registered customers or interested customers can be focused so that both time and money is saved.
  6. It is a boon for start-ups because of the efficiency and affordability. It is also noteworthy that new sectors that conventionally did not use bulk messaging services (like education institutions, stock market advisers) are slowly venturing out to its possibilities.
  7. It is not restricted by national barriers and bulk SMS services can be used equally effectively for international customers.
  8. The message can contain a variety of attachments to attract or make aware the customers. This includes links to websites, pictures, or any information personalized for a group of persons.


Vivitsa is a premium advertising agency and bulk SMS services provider in Mumbai. It focuses on providing information or knowledge centered technological solutions. It is based in the communications and corporate hot spot of the country- Mumbai, Maharashtra. It stands to be globally recognized for its communication and digital marketing skills and caters to give a platform where businesses and their customers can come together to share information.

Vivitsa is a valued name in providing bulk SMS services. We support, guide new start-ups as well as established long run businesses that seek to widen the communications line with their customers. The company as a bulk SMS services provider works very closely with the businesses throughout the entire relationship and thus this includes not just providing technical help but also help with the design, content and any other assistance needed as per your satisfaction. The feature of that added personal attention that the company offers its customers is hard to miss. Since the point of attention for each business differs Vivitsa sees to all your market requirements and accesses information to run an analysis. This is further discussed with you and is used in your custom bulk messages according to your business needs.