Lead Nurturing: From Awareness To Action

Lead generation through online media like search is often an activity where several companies end up investing more than what they could afford in terms of time and money. Often, this is because of a lack of complete understanding of the customer cycle.

Lead Nurturing

In a recent article by SearchEngineLand, the author has highlighted the importance of a comprehensive understanding of the lead nurturing cycle. You need to be aware of the four main phases a customer passes through. i.e. Awareness, Interest, Desire and Action. Understanding of these aspects of the customer journey is vital to achieving high value leads and sales in addition to achieving efficiency in your lead generation efforts.

Knowing what people search for and what they are interested in finding during each phase can help you better align your strategy. Create content that addresses your customers’ needs, building your relationship and solidifying a sale.

1) Awareness

The Awareness phase is the first step in your customers’ journey. An aware customer is one who is in the process of researching products and services that can help him/her resolve a particular pain point. These visitors are most interested in reading content that gives them an informative and engaging experience of the topic in which they are interested. That is why in-depth articles, informative graphics and videos can be excellent types of content for this phase.

You must be willing to engage your customers through ads, social media, email or alternate channels. Your consistent efforts will help them generate interest and move to the next stage.

2) Interest

As prospects progress to the Interest Phase, they begin to move from making informational searches to using navigational queries. They have now interacted with your brand and you are a viable option for them.

They may be in the phase of finalizing who to choose and determining what advantages you have over others. This is the time when you need to step up your lead nurturing activity by cultivating their interest.

Apprise them about:

  • What is the difference between your competitor and you?
  • What makes your product better?

Produce content that positions you as an industry expert in the field — someone people can trust when they want help solving their problem.

3) Desire

When people graduate to the Desire Phase, they start making commercial enquiries.
They may be looking for demos and reviews of the product. These customers are interested in learning more to help them make their final decision.

Give them content that guides them through their choices and helps them understand why your brand is worthy of their investment. Nurture your leads by sending them comparisons and videos and testimonials.

4) Action

The Action Phase belongs to customers who are using search search queries like

  • The product name
  • Buy [product]

They know exactly what they are looking for and need to be directly taken to the product details and benefits. These are your highest value prospects and you are just one step away from making the sale!

Customized Lead Nurturing By Vivitsa

Vivitsa’s customized lead nurturing and demand generation program comprises of understanding each stage of the customer and nurturing him through the most appropriate means suited to the phase, from awareness to interest to desire to action.
Our focused programs take special steps customized to every stage including:

  • White paper and case study syndication
  • Video and media syndication
  • Online marketing
  • Press releases
  • Webinars and event registrations

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