Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing strategy

Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing has emerged as a powerful digital marketing force as social media has redefined and democratised publishing and marketing. It is also being driven by the increased priority by Google and search engines to ranking quality content in search results. Contagious content marketing can lead to online authority, brand awareness and increased sales.

Where do you start?

If you break it down to its two core essentials it needs:

1. Content creation: To create authority and brand awareness online, organisations need to become “publishers”.
2. Content amplification: After creating and publishing then you need to make the content spread. This means distributing and promoting your content. This takes social networks.
Brands both corporate and personal need to create and publish content. This requires a planned approach to do this well. But as we all know the devil is in the detail. That is where the magic happens. Planning followed by “execution”

Who should be doing content marketing?

Large or small, businesses that sell to other businessses (B2B) and those that sell to consumers (B2C). Content marketing works well across many industries.