How to book Times of India Classified Ads?

TOI Classified AdsAdvertising is a means of communication with the users of a product or service. Many people want to advertise different things for different situations. There are certain methods for advertisement. Here we are talking about the most popular method i.e. Print Media. Print media is composed of newspapers, community newsletters, magazines and much more.

Today we will focus on how to book Classified Ads in Times of India.

Why Times of India?

Times of India newspaper is the leading English daily of the country with a huge readership base of around 7.6 million. One can easily advertise in Times of India to reach the target audience as it has a huge coverage. It has an extensive reach, low cost of advertising, high brand equity and much more. Being the leading newspaper globally it is the first choice of every advertiser.

Type of Classified Ads

There are two options while you go for classified ads, Text Ads and Display Ads. Choosing the right option from the two is very important for your advertisement.

  • Classified Text ads are known as Run on Line ads and are charged on the basis of number of lines/words used in the content.
  • Classified Display Ads are known as column ads and are charged by calculating according to the amount of space taken up in per unit, available both in colored and black and white format.

Let’s take a look at these basic print ad types –

Lineage Advertising – Advertising by the line can be a cost effective way to get your message in front of large no. of readers and are charged by the no. of lines your words occupy.
ROD-Run on Display Ads or Running Ad Text Formats – The Text Ads are of larger size than the regular classifieds lineage ads and stand out better.
Display Advertising – It means placing a ‘box’ ad. The size of the box can be anything you like, it can be from little more than the size of a postage stamp to a double-page spread.

Procedure for Booking Classified ads in Times of India

Use these 3 simple steps of booking your classified ads through

  1. Create
  2. Schedule
  3. Pay

Create: Let us know your advertising requirement, whether it is a classified text ad or image ad.  We will advise you on the best suitable method for your objective. There are different enhancements available such as background color, larger font, tick mark for higher visibility. Vivitsa will design the creative for you.

Schedule: Confirm the publishing date and the TOI edition you want the ad to appear in. You can take advantages of some schemes, e.g. if you purchase 4 ads in a series, the 5th is free!

Payment: Payment can be made by cheque or online through NEFT. On successful payment, you receive an invoice  confirming your classified ad booking. Then post editorial approval of your advertisement for Times of India newspaper and your ad would be booked and published on the chosen dates.

All these services are provided and booking Classified ads in Times of India has become very easy through Vivitsa. So if you have to advertise – almost anything- choose the Times of India and contact (Call 08446896333) for an ease of working.

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