How to book Times of India Classified Ads?

TOI Classified AdsAdvertising is a means of communication with the users of a product or service. Many people want to advertise different things for different situations. There are certain methods for advertisement. Here we are talking about the most popular method i.e. Print Media. Print media is composed of newspapers, community newsletters, magazines and much more.

Today we will focus on how to book Classified Ads in Times of India.

Why Times of India?

Times of India newspaper is the leading English daily of the country with a huge readership base of around 7.6 million. One can easily advertise in Times of India to reach the target audience as it has a huge coverage. It has an extensive reach, low cost of advertising, high brand equity and much more. Being the leading newspaper globally it is the first choice of every advertiser.

Type of Classified Ads

There are two options while you go for classified ads, Text Ads and Display Ads. Choosing the right option from the two is very important for your advertisement.

  • Classified Text ads are known as Run on Line ads and are charged on the basis of number of lines/words used in the content.
  • Classified Display Ads are known as column ads and are charged by calculating according to the amount of space taken up in per unit, available both in colored and black and white format.

Let’s take a look at these basic print ad types -

Lineage Advertising – Advertising by the line can be a cost effective way to get your message in front of large no. of readers and are charged by the no. of lines your words occupy.
ROD-Run on Display Ads or Running Ad Text Formats - The Text Ads are of larger size than the regular classifieds lineage ads and stand out better.
Display Advertising – It means placing a ‘box’ ad. The size of the box can be anything you like, it can be from little more than the size of a postage stamp to a double-page spread.

Procedure for Booking Classified ads in Times of India

Use these 3 simple steps of booking your classified ads through

  1. Create
  2. Schedule
  3. Pay

Create: Let us know your advertising requirement, whether it is a classified text ad or image ad.  We will advise you on the best suitable method for your objective. There are different enhancements available such as background color, larger font, tick mark for higher visibility. Vivitsa will design the creative for you.

Schedule: Confirm the publishing date and the TOI edition you want the ad to appear in. You can take advantages of some schemes, e.g. if you purchase 4 ads in a series, the 5th is free!

Payment: Payment can be made by cheque or online through NEFT. On successful payment, you receive an invoice  confirming your classified ad booking. Then post editorial approval of your advertisement for Times of India newspaper and your ad would be booked and published on the chosen dates.

All these services are provided and booking Classified ads in Times of India has become very easy through Vivitsa. So if you have to advertise – almost anything- choose the Times of India and contact (Call 08446896333) for an ease of working.

Latest Classified Ad Rates for Times of India

7 Primary Reasons why Outsourcing is the Key for Startup Growth in 2016

Startup entrepreneurs may have a fresh new business idea, but also have to deal with obstacles in its execution like low capital, not enough experience, staff low on skills, etc. Although the recent growth of startups paints a rosy picture, the fact remains that 90% of startups fail within their first year.

outsourcing for startup success

Innovation and unique enterprise is definitely valuable but in order to succeed as a business, there are certain dos and don’ts that startups need to adhere to - outsourcing being a major one of the “dos”. Outsourcing has time and again proven to be a key catalyst that accelerates growth, and yet  startup companies are hesitant and have not been able to tap its benefits to the fullest.

It is well known that Business Process Outsourcing is a thriving industry and has been in existence for the last 20 years. While established American companies have multiple processes being executed from offshore outsourcing destinations like India, it is also time for fresh new American startups to realize these benefits and see how outsourcing can catapult them forward.  Their day to day back-office functions can be outsourced; and they can have more time to build on their core business. And that’s all; here are 7 primary reasons that give you a quick insight into the advantages of outsourcing for startups:

  1. Outsourcing reduces capital and labor costs.

    Human capital is becoming increasingly expensive, and so this is one of the most popular reasons to outsource work. Moreover, during the stage of startup growth, cash constraints are a major hurdle. Startups can avail of a skilled outsourcing company that effectively competes to provide a better price. Big names in the market use affordable Indian labor to outsource and expand their established businesses, and it will be a wise move for startups to adopt the same strategy.

  1. Focus on niche areas

    Time is a crucial factor in startup growth. A Startup’s early years may demand a lot of time and energy for carving a niche in the market. Naturally, an entrepreneur may not have a lot of time left in his hands. Channelizing time and energy is a tricky concept. Offshore Outsourcing offers an obvious way of tackling this issue. India works in a different time zone. This gives American companies an opportunity of using all the 24 hours of the day for their purpose. Even though local employees complete their day job and go to bed, their outsourcing partners in India still work the rest of the hours to complete the job. Not only is this faster, but also more efficient.

  1. Increased efficiency by specialized personnel

    Even though English is a global language the reality is many countries lack in communicating, especially with regard to technical communication. India overcomes that major gap. It has a large skilled manpower available who are also proficient in English. The labor force is willing to be supervised and can work on a very competitive wage. With 9 million students graduating each year, India boasts of high talent and promises a body of expert workers. This kind of trained Indian work force can make the difference for American startup companies' growth.

  1. Startups can offer competitive prices to customers by lowering overall costs

    It is of vital importance that a startup should have some breathing room, especially in the first few years. Offshore outsourcing centers offer a competitive price range thus providing invaluable breathing space compared to other local outsourcing companies. And, with the skilled and comparable quality of work provided it proves to be a major advantage. Startups thus can transfer the same price advantage to their customers.

  1. Risk Control

    Risk control is one of the important factors to be kept in mind while talking about startup growth. Offshore centers are often ISO certified and compliant to third party audits. So, you can outsource sensitive work to skilled & certified professionals who are enthusiastic, adept and cost cheaper.

  1. Greater access to market connections

    Startups and businesses have evolved into community businesses. Special contracts and deals are signed to create symbiotic relationships. For a startup's growth, outsourcing also provides a platform to associate with other businesses and markets from around the world, thereby connecting the global economy.

  1. Flexibility

    Startups who are still deliberating on what form to take and are experimenting and trying new areas and strategies will find outsourcing as an economic means to juggle between ideas. Separating different ideas and assigning outsourcing firms work on each is a flexible and cheaper method to judge which process generates the best business interests.


With stability in the administration and “essential to organization” IT policies, Indian outsourcing companies provide good flexibility and business value to startups. Indian companies have proven success in propelling American companies and are thus most suitable for allocation of back office work for startups.

Back Linking Strategies for 2016

Are you an SEO Specialist (or a wannabe SEO) who is struggling to find that connection between off-page SEO and search rankings? This article on back linking strategies for 2016 is for you!

Back Linking Strategies for 2016

Now, there has been a lot of debate on link building. Very often, the question is “Does it matter at all? I know several sites which have good rankings even though they have hardly any off page activity”. Well our experience suggests that it does and we will cover why subsequently.

Still, even if back linking does matter, we still face the following questions as to what back linking strategies to use:

1) There are a number of classified directories where we can create links. But will this do any good or will it be harmful to my rankings? Should I purchase a premium listing or would it be a waste of money?

2) I've checked the backlinks of my competitors and there are several who seem to have acquired good rankings by commenting in irrelevant blogs. Should I do the same or is it not worth the risk?

3) My site is PR 3. If I acquire a link from a PR 2 site, would that be harmful to my rankings?

4) Should I go in for press releases? I am not sure because of the high cost involved!

5) What about article submission sites? I've heard they don't count anymore so am I wasting my time creating blogs there?

6) Which forums are best to create high quality back links?

7) What about social bookmarking and other social media sites?

To answer these questions, let's delve deeper into why backlinks came into existence as an SEO factor.

The original reason for giving credit to backlinks was the theory that "If a reputed website links to you, it does so because of the relevance of your site to the subject. Therefore, if your site is linked, that means it is relevant and deserves a good ranking”.

No one knows the exact formula on the exact impact backlinks make since this is a closely guarded secret and we are sure Google often changes algorithms whenever they decide they have a better idea. So more than the exact theoretical impact, my personal experiences with link building have taught me to look at this from a completely practical approach.

As we said before, backlinks do matter and they will matter more when they come from relevant sites and look natural. And yes, while we endeavor to acquire natural links as far as possible, there are some tricks in the trade which help you achieve some really good back links. Over a period of time, our research and observations have meant that there are some kinds of links that have worked really well. I don't want to go by a fixed pattern or state a claim that classifieds are no good or irrelevant blog commenting is harmful; the point is to share with you some practical results we have seen on link building strategies and help you achieve the rankings you need for your business growth.

back linking strategies

Here are the tips and examples which would cover the questions above

#1. Classified Directories: These are mostly avoidable for SEO and paid listings are unnecessary unless you really believe potential customers would search for your service in that directory. However, for the purpose of generating a follow backlink, here is one which has my vote and green signal: R-TT is a reliable do-follow link directory and it is completely FREE! Submit your URL along with a unique description here -->

#2. Blog Commenting: Random blog commenting is an absolute no-no. You may have come across articles with 100+ comments, tempting you to add your own. All such comments have only one purpose - to paste links. Avoid these by all means! Yet, do make use of blogs when you see the topic is relevant to your link and contains some already existent natural comments. Put in your own genuine response with a link that doesn't look like it's advertising. If the comment box allows you to enter a URL, please go ahead and add it! Note however, that such backlinks have a minor impact on rankings.

#3. Getting links from lower PR sites: If the site looks credible and natural to you, go ahead and take the link. The low PR will not matter. After all, don't we all keep linking to Wikipedia? And, Wikipedia has still stayed on the top, right?

#4. Press releases: Yes, you should go in for these if you can afford them and they have the potential to generate several natural links if picked by a journalist and published in an epaper or magazine. My personal favorite is

#5. Article submission sites: Contrary to common opinion, there are still a few credible article submission sites where you can still create articles. Most offer no follow links but these are worth it too so go ahead with article submissions. Do make sure you limit yourself to a reputed ones only like:

#6. Forums: Yes, these do work. Make sure you update your personal information with your website URL or add the website to your signature. You can then comment on ongoing topics with some relevant answers. Here are my favorite forums:

#7. Social Media: Here are some really good examples of where to get high value backlinks from:

In addition to Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn that we are already familiar with - There are a number of social media & link sharing sites where you can create accounts and save links. Make sure you have accounts in all of these:

Update your main URL in the account settings or provide a link in the profile description if it permits. Google+ does allow you to put in a link in the profile description, so make use of that. You should also create article posts where available like LinkedIn Pulse. Though it is debatable whether this will shoot up your rankings, it adds to your online presence and the www acquires another link to your website after all!

Other Quick & Useful Back linking Strategies:

Here is my personal, current and valuable list of back linking sites:

1) : Just create an account and make sure you enter your URL in the profile settings

2) Job sites/ internship sites: Create job postings in internship sites. This leads to a lot of natural traffic to your website and also provides natural high PR backlinks. E.g. and are popular in India.

3) : Same deal. Just create an account and paste links in the description. No HTML is needed here.

4) : This is an excellent source of a back link. The only catch is you need to appear for and clear the online Bing Adwords exam and you can add the link in your company profile description. It’s worth the effort since this gives you a natural and highly relevant link from

5) : Amazon provides you an opportunity to be a Kindle publisher for free. Even if you do not have anything to publish, you can still create a KDP account, go to the community and enter your URL in the settings. Ask a few questions in the community or answer some and you are all set to have a link from !

6) This is Apple's discussion forum where you can get a link through the personal profile section.

7) Same principle as above. Get a high value link from IBM through their community forum.

8) Create an account, update your profile and enjoy a high value backlink!

9) Website Design feedback sites. You can submit your URLs here for review and receive feedback on design and other aspects. You will need to critique other sites too to gain credits. Go with

10) Same tactic! Just create an account.

Hope this article on back linking strategies for 2016 has helped clear your doubts on backlinks. Please test out these links & let me know the results they gave to your website rankings through the comment box below. Also feel free to add your own set of reliable back links!

5 Reasons why Print Advertising is Important

If Digital media is getting saturated, it is time to break the communication barrier with customers by getting back into print advertising!
In today's digital age, it's easy for your target market to become saturated with online advertisements and email marketing. Reconsider the stability and results you get with print advertising.

Print Advertising
Vivitsa published the Om Clinic Ad appearing in TOI

In a recent research survey by Forbes Magazine, print materials and publications offer your customers and prospects a brand experience that can't be replicated online. Below are 5 important reasons why print advertising will never go out of trend and will make a lasting impact on your target market.

1. Print is Credible.

Like the feeling you get when you see The Times of India or your favorite magazine on the rack, there is something to be said about the feeling of legitimacy that comes from print. You are able to put the printed piece down and comeback at any time to resume your reading. And print requires "real estate". As marketers, we like this! A printed piece placed on the corner of a desk will be there day after day until it is picked back up to be viewed.

2. Print Establishes Your Brand.

Printed magazines and other branded materials is an excellent method for brand building. It allows you to bring the aesthetic qualities of font, colors, images and texture that helps to establish your company's brand recognition.

3. Print Can Reach Your Target Market.

The design, placement and timing of your company ads in publications, newspapers and magazines can help you reach your target audience, whether it be a niche market or the common public. By leveraging analysis of demographics, you are able to strategically place your brand in the right place at the right time, in front of the right audience.

4. Print Advertising is More Engaging.

Websites are often skimmed through very quickly. When a customer or prospect reads a printed material, they are more engaged for a longer period of time. The average reader spends half an hour reading the newspaper a day whereas the engagement time on a webpage barely exceeds 30 seconds.

5. Less Print, Is More For You.

With more organizations taking their marketing efforts online, old has become new again as print becomes the new trend. Advertisers have more information and data to make calculated - decisions about content, consumption, consumers, and collateral types.

Email inboxes are overflowing with unsolicited ads and non-worthy news, most of which is largely ignored. With this in mind, designing and sharing a great printed marketing piece should be high on your list of strategic marketing initiatives.

Contact Vivitsa for all your print advertising needs. We deliver customized high quality images designed to meet your marketing objectives.

Lead Nurturing: From Awareness To Action

Lead generation through online media like search is often an activity where several companies end up investing more than what they could afford in terms of time and money. Often, this is because of a lack of complete understanding of the customer cycle.

Lead Nurturing

In a recent article by SearchEngineLand, the author has highlighted the importance of a comprehensive understanding of the lead nurturing cycle. You need to be aware of the four main phases a customer passes through. i.e. Awareness, Interest, Desire and Action. Understanding of these aspects of the customer journey is vital to achieving high value leads and sales in addition to achieving efficiency in your lead generation efforts.

Knowing what people search for and what they are interested in finding during each phase can help you better align your strategy. Create content that addresses your customers’ needs, building your relationship and solidifying a sale.

1) Awareness

The Awareness phase is the first step in your customers’ journey. An aware customer is one who is in the process of researching products and services that can help him/her resolve a particular pain point. These visitors are most interested in reading content that gives them an informative and engaging experience of the topic in which they are interested. That is why in-depth articles, informative graphics and videos can be excellent types of content for this phase.

You must be willing to engage your customers through ads, social media, email or alternate channels. Your consistent efforts will help them generate interest and move to the next stage.

2) Interest

As prospects progress to the Interest Phase, they begin to move from making informational searches to using navigational queries. They have now interacted with your brand and you are a viable option for them.

They may be in the phase of finalizing who to choose and determining what advantages you have over others. This is the time when you need to step up your lead nurturing activity by cultivating their interest.

Apprise them about:

  • What is the difference between your competitor and you?
  • What makes your product better?

Produce content that positions you as an industry expert in the field — someone people can trust when they want help solving their problem.

3) Desire

When people graduate to the Desire Phase, they start making commercial enquiries.
They may be looking for demos and reviews of the product. These customers are interested in learning more to help them make their final decision.

Give them content that guides them through their choices and helps them understand why your brand is worthy of their investment. Nurture your leads by sending them comparisons and videos and testimonials.

4) Action

The Action Phase belongs to customers who are using search search queries like

  • The product name
  • Buy [product]

They know exactly what they are looking for and need to be directly taken to the product details and benefits. These are your highest value prospects and you are just one step away from making the sale!

Customized Lead Nurturing By Vivitsa

Vivitsa’s customized lead nurturing and demand generation program comprises of understanding each stage of the customer and nurturing him through the most appropriate means suited to the phase, from awareness to interest to desire to action.
Our focused programs take special steps customized to every stage including:

  • White paper and case study syndication
  • Video and media syndication
  • Online marketing
  • Press releases
  • Webinars and event registrations

Are you in need of a partner to energize your sales process? Enquire about our lead generation program here!